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02/02/15 TASER Instructor Course Scottsdale, Arizona
02/02/15 TASER Instructor Course Land O'Lakes, Florida
02/02/15 TASER Instructor Course North Palm Beach, Florida
02/02/15 TASER Instructor Course Pikeville, Tennessee
02/02/15 Drug Unit Commander Jacksonville, Florida
02/02/15 GTI's Advanced SWAT Operations for Terrorist Environments DHS ID-003-RESP Barnwell, South Carolina
02/02/15 Leadership 101 Professionalism Defined Spokane Valley, Washington
02/02/15 Ice Rescue & Ice Rescue Trainer Spokane Valley, Washington
02/02/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Lynchburg, Virginia
02/02/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Fort Lauderdale, Florida
02/02/15 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Hobbs, New Mexico
02/02/15 Analytics for Public Safety by POLICE TECHNICAL Hamilton, Ohio
02/02/15 TEEX - Forensic Photography II Denton, Texas
02/02/15 PIO Boot Camp | 4-day Master Public Information Ofc - Chris Ryan Seminars Savannah, Georgia
02/02/15 TEEX - Radar Instructor Course Sealy, Texas
02/02/15 Principles of Police Supervision / JLG Training Palm Beach, Florida
02/02/15 Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Level II $417 Winter Park, Florida
02/02/15 Force Science Certification Course Seattle, Washington
02/02/15 Narcotic & Specialized Unit Supervisor's Course San Francisco, California
02/02/15 SSGT Vanguard Level One Defensive Tactics Instructor Course Birmingham, Alabama