Video: Woman curses at LA cop, is punched

Police boarded a bus after receiving a report that someone called 911 about an 'out of control and confrontational' woman

By PoliceOne Staff

LOS ANGELES — Cell phone video showing a deputy punch an aggressive bus passenger after a profanity-laced confrontation circulated Wednesday.

Jermaine Green recorded the footage of one LA County sheriff's deputy restraining a woman cursing at officers as another deputy punches the left side of her face. Green told NBC Los Angeles deputies through their use of force failed to follow the "proper protocols" public servants take.

Green said the woman was "very polite" and "said hello to everyone" upon boarding the bus, but The Los Angeles Times reported the deputies knew the woman — and of her four prior convictions for assault on a police officer.

"They took what we believe was the appropriate action," department spokesman Steve Whitmore said. "They knew she had this propensity. We also knew she had mental challenges. We knew we had to contain the situation because we knew she could hurt others. She’s a very large woman."

Police boarded the bus after receiving a report that someone called 911 about an "out of control and confrontational" woman who "appeared to almost attack an elderly man," Whitmore said. She was placed on a 72-hour hold for psychiatric observation, he said. No arrests were made.

The department is investigating the incident.

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