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Airway and Transit Policing

Airway and Transit Policing

The Airway and Transit Policing topic is aimed at the law enforcers who keep our transit systems safe. Railway freight and passenger trains, subway systems and urban commuter buses, and of course commercial airlines and their terminals would all be vulnerable to crime and terrorism if not for the sheepdogs who protect them.
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October 18, 2011

Ga. officials investigating rail station OIS

It remains unclear what prompted the shooting - Full Story
October 11, 2011

Video: Girls fight cops in NY subway station

Sources say the girls were trying to ride the subway without paying - Full Story
October 01, 2011

BART cops in shooting not trained for crises

Chief of BART police said that field officers who train rookies had gone through such courses, but the two officers in question did not - Full Story
September 20, 2011

TSA officer sentenced for stealing money

TSA officer admitted to regularly stealing money from travelers - Full Story
September 11, 2011

Source: Ex-NYPD officer detained at KC airport

Man detained after security screeners detected suspicious items inside his carry-on luggage - Full Story
September 09, 2011

Searches, checkpoints in NY amid threat report

Police searched the bags of passengers at the entrance to a subway station - Full Story
August 23, 2011

BART police arrest SF protesters

The demonstration was the second in 7 days in protest of BART's cutting wireless service - Full Story
August 17, 2011

'Anonymous' posts BART cops' home addresses

A website went online Wednesday that also listed names, email addresses, and passwords - Full Story
August 15, 2011

Hackers protest BART blocking of cellphones

BART officials blocked wireless access to disrupt a demonstration protesting a shooting death by BART police - Full Story
July 30, 2011

TSA groping suspect cites childhood abduction

Police said 61-year-old Miyamae grabbed an agent's breast - Full Story

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