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Airway and Transit Policing

Airway and Transit Policing

The Airway and Transit Policing topic is aimed at the law enforcers who keep our transit systems safe. Railway freight and passenger trains, subway systems and urban commuter buses, and of course commercial airlines and their terminals would all be vulnerable to crime and terrorism if not for the sheepdogs who protect them.
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Video: Woman punched by LA cop on bus speaks out

'She's trying to pick a fight with anybody,' 911 caller said - Full Story


Video: Woman curses at LA cop, is punched

Police boarded a bus after receiving a report that someone called 911 about an 'out of control and confrontational' woman - Full Story


TSA agents who stole $40K from NY luggage get jail

Authorities say two TSA officers swiped cash after spotting it in a piece of luggage - Full Story


Ill. cop fired for living outside city limits — for 15 years

City Hall has fired Marvin Ditkowsky, an 87-year-old Department of Aviation police officer at O'Hare Airport - Full Story


TSA: Woman tried to bring less-lethal device on plane

The TSA says the device initially just appeared to be a flashlight - Full Story


Suicide by cop possible in Chicago 'L' station fatality

A man pointed two pistols at officers, a Fraternal Order of Police spokesman said - Full Story


Suspect shoots at cops on Texas train

Sr. Cpl. Samuel Hussey, assigned to the Dallas Police Department's Narcotics Division, was wounded when a suspect on board an idling train fired at three plainclothes officers - Full Story


If threat warrants, BART cops can block cellphones

The agency that oversees the San Francisco area transit system is authorizing police to turn off wireless communications in train stations - Full Story

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