Video: Chief defends medical treatment of prostitute

As emergency crews responded to an Okla. woman, a police officer and a firefighter are seen taking photos of her

By PoliceOne Staff

OKLAHOMA CITY — A fire chief says the "best care possible" is offered to all patients in the wake of a clip released by a self-titled video vigilante of a suspected prostitute in need of treatment.

Brian Bates of John TV recorded footage of the Oklahoma City woman found on the side of the road in an apparent medical emergency, KFOR reported. The incident — filmed two years ago — was posted to YouTube this week, and appears to have been carefully edited.

In the video, a police officer and then a firefighter are seen taking photos of the woman, and comments on the video sharing site question the treatment. Emergency officials say it leaves out several medical assessments seen in the original version.

"Obviously what people are seeing on this website is edited footage with narrative supplied," Oklahoma City Fire Chief Keith Bryant told KFOR. "From my view, of the unedited footage, it tells a much different story."

However, Chief Bryant said the taking of photos by responders at the scene was "unprofessional," adding that policies are now in place addressing the issue.


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