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February 03, 2015

Unshielded: Raised Old School

Horace Small presents, “Unshielded.”

A stirring new web documentary series devoted to shedding a lasting, positive new light on the men and women of law enforcement, firefighting and emergency services. By calling them in for questioning

Then just listening as they answer openly. And honestly. All in an effort to reveal the people who wear the uniform for what they really are.

Real. People.

To see the full length film, watch here: http://www.horacesmall.com/
October 03, 2013

Cop told not to wear uniform at daughter's school

An officer received a call from his daughter’s principal asking that he never again come to campus in his police uniform.
October 11, 2011

Elbeco at IACP 2010

The newly redesigned line exclusively for women in Law Enforcement is full of new features that promote the active lifestyle of an officer. See what's been improved in this clip from IACP 2010.
October 19, 2010

Dave and Betsy: Restaurant Safety for Police Officers

Dave and Betsy give some pointers on how to stay safe during coffee and lunch breaks while on the job. While in uniform, you are a public target. When you're in your favorite restaurant, whether on or off duty, make sure you are aware of your surroundings because an attack can occur at any time.

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