Medical study: Serious injuries from TASER are 'extremely rare'

Editor's note: Be sure to check out Greg Meyer's response to the latest Amnesty International report on TASERs. Also, read the Force Science Research article, New study: TASERs 'as safe as weapons can be,' not 'instruments of death'

Washington, D.C. — A three-year review of all Taser uses against criminal suspects at six law enforcement agencies found only three significant injuries out of 1,201 criminal suspects subdued by conducted electrical weapons (CEW), or Tasers, and reports that 99.75% of criminal suspects shocked by a Taser received no injuries or mild injuries only, such as scrapes and bruises. The study is published online today in the Annals of Emergency Medicine (“Safety and Injury Profile of Conducted Electrical Weapons Used By Law Enforcement Officers Against Criminal Suspects”).

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