Video: Force questioned in physical Ala. arrest

Report says the suspect received cuts to the face and elbow, but there was "minimum force required"

By PoliceOne Staff

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Video has been released of a physical arrest outside a Birmingham, Alabama nightclub.

The incident took place last week, when undercover officers saw Travarious Daniel, 29, take a set of keys off an “unmarked car,” after parking near a downtown nightclub, according to

In the newly released video, Daniel can be seen walking away from officers with his hands held up before an officer detains him from behind. The report says that Daniel received several cuts to the face and elbow, but that there was “minimum force required.”

A stolen gun was found in the car, according to the report.

Daniel is a security guard at the downtown nightclub. He was charged with receiving stolen property and unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle.

Watch the video below for full details and to hear about the controversy surrounding the video.

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