Video: NJ man claims cop 'choked,' 'punched' him

Jersey City Police say force was not excessive

By PoliceOne Staff

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Video has been released showing the arrest of a New Jersey man who claims officers choked him, then punched him in the groin.

Scott Colclough, 25, was talking to two men in a car on Saturday morning when he was approached by officers, he said. The video — recorded by a passerby from the opposite side of the street — appears to show police holding him by his throat.

“They choked off my air. They were saying to me to spit something up," Colclough said. "Someone had given me chewing gum right then and there. My mouth was open. They put the antenna (of the police radio) in my mouth. They said they did that to get me to spit something out."

Jersey City Police Chief Tom Comey watched the footage and saw nothing that concerned him, according to The Jersey Journal.

"I have been in that position myself as a supervising officer in narcotics," Comey said. "They (such incidents) have a tendency to look more dramatic than they actually are."

The officers seemed to be employing a hold that protects individuals from overdose should drugs be swallowed, he said, and they also could have been trying to keep him from destroying evidence.

"There's a manner in which you can hold an individual and not necessarily choking him, but stopping him from using his muscles to swallow," Comey said.

Officers are not seen punching Colclough despite his claims that he was struck in the groin, Comey added.

Colclough was released in June from a 5-year prison term and on parole at the time of his arrest. He was charged with drug distribution, resisting arrest and obstructing.

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