Video: Cops say student swallowed dope, claimed 'beating'

A 19-year-old was asked to leave Sam Houston State University after a run-in with police

By PoliceOne Staff

A 19-year-old student who officers said ate a bag of pot was charged with assault after a run-in with campus police.

Sam Houston State University police officers stopped Abdulaziz for illegal parking outside a dormitory building in October, according to My Fox Houston. They asked him to empty his pockets, and police said Abdulaziz was carrying marijuana.

In the video, a group of officers is seen struggling with Abdulaziz, who claims he was the victim of excessive force. One officer is heard making a comment that Fox reporters interpret as bragging.


"I choked the s--- out of him," an officer is heard saying.

The clip's audio suggests that more may have been at play. During the struggle, an officer can be heard saying that Abdulaziz tried to swallow his drugs.

"He's eating the dope! He's eating the dope!" the officer says.

Abdulaziz was charged with assault of a police officer, but the charge was later dropped. He insists he had no role in the altercation.

"For them to accuse me of assault on a police officer when I obviously didn't put my hands on him in any way or manner, it seems a bit corrupt to me that they can do something like that," Abdulaziz said.

Sources said Abdulaziz was asked to leave the university, and he believes he will lose about a year of education. Marijuana and evading arrest charges remain and will be decided in court in January.

SHSU officials were unavailable for comment.

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