Video: Chicago cop's punch sparks investigation

The cousin of a man who died after being arrested received a booking room video from an anonymous source

By PoliceOne Staff

CHICAGO — The cousin of a man who died a week after his arrest showed City Council a booking room video to try to argue that police regularly use excessive force.

A North Chicago officer is seen punching a detainee and hitting his head against the wall in a video that was received anonymously by Ralph Peterson, according to ABC 7. Peterson's cousin Darrin Hanna died last month after being arrested, and Peterson argues that his death and other incidents involving North Chicago Police — like the scene in the video — are evidence of a deparment filled with rogue officers.

"You get beat, go the hospital, then you're arrested," Peterson said of North Chicago.

In the accompanying police report, the arresting officer said the detainee, charged with loitering and public drunkenness, hit the officer's nose against items in the booking room. A police sergeant who was also present said the force "was necessary," the report stated further.

After the meeting Police Chief Mike Newsome stated he was unaware of the incident in the video, according to the Lake County News Sun. He said an investigation will begin soon.

“I have to find out what video they showed and we will be looking into it,” Newsome said.

Hanna's death is currently under investigation.

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