Video: TASERed teen resists Ky. cops

After device deployed, suspect fought to the point of lethal force

By PoliceOne Staff

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Newly-released video shows officers use a TASER on a teen holed up inside a home, where he fought with police to the point of lethal force.

A maintenance worker let Shelbyville Officer Frank Willoughby and Officer Suzanna Marcum inside the home that Trey Williams, 18, had forcibly entered in November 2011, according to WLKY. A caller told dispatch a man was seen smashing the window of the home, believed to be the same man seen earlier carrying a Bible and a pipe and attempting to break the window of a car.

In the video recorded by cameras on the officers' TASERs, the officers stand outside the bathroom as Williams screams from the other side of the door, then once inside, the TASER is fired. Willoughby immediately instructs the suspect — now on the floor — to "stay down" and "stop resisting."

Each time the TASER was deployed, Williams tried to stand up again, according to reports. Marcum said as the situation elevated, the struggle moved to the bedroom, and she saw Willoughby in a chokehold as he and Williams fought, so she reacted.

"They were wrestling and Frank said, 'Help me, help me.' and I shot him. Then he still kept Frank in a choke hold and he wouldn't let go and I shot him again. And he wouldn't let Frank go," Marcum said. "He was still fighting Frank and I shot him one more time and then, he just laid there."

The medical examiner determined Williams died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Using the video as a key piece of evidence, jurors last month unanimously decided officers' use of force was justified and closed the case, but Attorney Frank Mascagni plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit on Williams' behalf.

Police Chief Robert Shutte said Tuesday Willoughby is back on duty, but Marcum is not. Marcum upholds there is nothing she would have done differently.

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