Video: 'Surprised' Fla. officers shoot, kill teen

A Tampa teen reportedly pointed a shotgun at two plainclothes officers pursuing him in a stairwell

By PoliceOne Staff

TAMPA, Fla. — Video released Tuesday shows the fatal shooting of a teen who pointed a shotgun at two plainclothes officers pursuing him in a stairwell.

In the one-minute video recorded last month by an apartment complex security camera, an officer flinches just before the pair opens fire simultaneously on Javon Neal, 16.

Officers Gregory Pryor, 36, and Shannon Murphy, 35, said in their report Neal drew a shotgun and pointed it in their direction, which Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy told the Tampa Bay Times Tampa is consistent with the surveillance footage.

Pryor and Murphy, dressed in civilian clothes and ballistic vests, found Neal at the scene, police said. He led them up an outdoor staircase and appeared to pull an item from his pant leg when police told him to show his hands, which he did not.

Reaching the third floor, he leveled the weapon and did comply with orders to drop it. The gun was described as a shotgun with a pistol grip.

"What you see is both officers jerk back. They have a surprised expression on their face and both start shooting at the exact same moment," McElroy told the paper, referring to the video. "That is the moment where he had turned away from them and pulled out the gun."

In early August, the officers were cleared in Neal's death by the State Attorney's Office.

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