Video: Intoxicated brothers cry 'excessive force'

Police said two brothers would not comply with their commands

By PoliceOne Staff

TUKWILA, Wash. — Police are investigating claims by two brothers that officers used excessive force during their arrest caught on video.

A 53-second dash cam video shows part of the interaction between officers and Charles Chappelle and Jahmez Amili, who were stopped when police received a call of a fight near Southcenter Mall in May, ABC 7 reported

According to a police report, the pair was intoxicated and refused to comply with officers' orders. They reportedly attempted to assault the officers during the struggle.

"People's hands and knees were on my hands and back," said Chappelle, who admitted to drinking prior to the incident.

He told the station he had difficulty breathing.

Chapelle and Amili were arrested for resisting arrest and obstruction of justice and transported to jail, where officers at the facility asked they receive hospital treatment.

The brothers claim officers instead washed their faces at the police station, then drove them around with their windows down, but a police report indicates medical staff from Highline Hospital admitted them.

They were booked to jail three hours after the arrest.

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