Video: Standard techniques probed for 'excessive force'

The officers arrested a man causing a public disturbance, Captain calls unquestionable

By PoliceOne Staff

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Two police officers who escorted a man from Oceanside pier Sunday face accusations of excessive force.

Captain Fred Armijo told NBC7 several people attending a rally at the pier complained that Kevin Corey, 30, was a disturbance.

Video shows Corey on the ground as the two cops arrest him.

The officers apparently hit the suspect in the head and torso, which Armijo said does not appear questionable, he told the station. 

"All the techniques that I observed in the video are techniques approved by Oceanside Police Department," Armijo said. 

Police plan to review witness testimony to determine if the officers used excessive force.

Corey faces charges of resisting an officer.

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