Video: Police TASER, shoot out-of-control pit bull

2 officers and an animal control officer arrived after a resident made a call about the dog

By PoliceOne Staff

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – An officer shot and killed a pit bull when responding to a call that the animal was running loose in a town where the breed is not allowed.

Two police officers and an animal control officer arrived after a resident, Kenny Collins, made the call, and started filming the incident.

The video shows the officers first trying a TASER and then a neck harness to subdue the dog before shooting it.

Commerce Police say the animal was out of control, but Collins said he thought the dog was violent only after the TASER was used, and he felt shots should not have been fired near his home or children.

The dog’s owner told police they were just watching the dog for a family member. That person was given a citation, according to CBS4. 

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