Video: Family 'disturbed' when police TASER cuffed man

The man was TASERed after repeatedly slamming his head against the wall

By PoliceOne Staff

MILVALE, Pa. — The conduct of the Millvale police is being questioned after a video surfaced of a cuffed man being TASERed at Allegheny County Jail.

Thomas J. Smith, 27, is seen in the video cuffed on the floor, and slamming his head against a wall before an unnamed officer uses a TASER to stop him.

Smith was arrested in September and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, aggravated harassment and public intoxication, according to CBS 2-Pittsburgh.

Smith’s family asked a lawyer, David Shrager, to speak on their behalf after seeing the video, claiming the suspect has mental health issues, and TASERing him was unnecessary.

“It’s easy to armchair quarterback people, and I get that, and people have to make split second decisions, but in light of the entire part that I found; I did find it to be disturbing,” said Shrager.

Reporters were unable to reach Millvale Police for comment about the incident.

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