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Use of Force

Use of Force

The Use of Force topic provides news, information and training on one the most commonly discussed areas in law enforcement training programs. Shooting skills and defensive tactics are critical to keeping officers alive out of harm's way. We cover all subjects—nothing is taboo in this discussion.
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October 10, 2013

LAPD officer charged for arrest that turned fatal

Officer Mary O'Callaghan, an 18-year veteran, was charged with felony assault - Full Story
October 10, 2013

Chicago woman sues police for alleged excessive force

A woman has filed suit against police, claiming excessive force was used during her DUI arrest - Full Story
October 10, 2013

Chief: Why the use of an ECD on a child was justified

An 8-year-old girl held a knife to her chest and refused to let police come closer - Full Story
October 10, 2013

Diabetic man killed by police told family 'he wants to die'

The family still insists he had nothing in his hands when police shot him, but cops are claiming he brandished a meat fork and knife - Full Story
October 08, 2013

LE experts: Video evidence helps, doesn't tell whole story

Law-enforcement officials have cautioned against a rush to judgment in cases where video shows 'excessive force' - Full Story
October 07, 2013

Video: Oakland A's fan takes on 3 cops, gets TASERed

The angered man threw several punches and was promptly removed from the game as the crowd heckled - Full Story
October 06, 2013

Use of force to be studied in DC pursuit, shooting

The investigation will reconstruct the car chase and shooting and explore how officers dealt with the driver and whether protocols were followed - Full Story
October 01, 2013

Video: K-9 arrest prompts excessive force suit

The suspect claims officers used excessive force when a K-9 was brought in to assist with the arrest - Full Story
September 30, 2013

Cop stops Fla. shoplifter using ECD

Eric Moen was taken into custody only after a deputy shot him with a stun gun - Full Story
September 20, 2013

Video: Fla. cop shatters car window at traffic stop

The officer's body cam recorded the entire incident - Full Story

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