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Use of Force

Use of Force

The Use of Force topic provides news, information and training on one the most commonly discussed areas in law enforcement training programs. Shooting skills and defensive tactics are critical to keeping officers alive out of harm's way. We cover all subjects—nothing is taboo in this discussion.
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Calif. city may let citizens review police use of deadly force

Currently, the civilian board can only be convened if the police chief calls for it - Full Story


Beyond verbal martial arts, and into brain research

Beyond verbal martial arts, and into brain research

Using science to help us interpret human behavior more accurately can reduce errors that cost officers their lives or their livelihood. - Full Story


Street-smart use of force: Beyond verbal martial arts and into brain research Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. - Passion for the Job

Street-smart use of force: Beyond verbal martial arts and into brain research

The deputy was ill equipped to deliver the death message with no training in that terrible task. When sh... - Full Story


Founder of CopBlock.org faces prison

A video report with illegally recorded interviews has led to three felony wiretapping counts against Adam Mueller - Full Story


5 most popular police videos of July

By PoliceOne Staff The most-watched videos of July include an Ind. police officer ambushed during a traffic... - Full Story


Pa. cop cleared in shooting death of man

DA says the police did not create the situation — the suspect did - Full Story


Seattle strikes deal on police actions

Days before it faced a federal civil-rights lawsuit, the city has reached a tentative agreement with the Department of Justice - Full Story


Video: Cop takes down man in NY subway station

The activist who recorded the video claims it shows excessive force - Full Story


Pa. officer kills man breaking into his home

A second burglar fled from the house, but was apprehended later Monday after driving off in the officer's car - Full Story


Video: Traffic stop leads to Ala. officer's firing

Officer told internal affairs he pulled over a woman and her teenage daughter, believing there to be a domestic violence situation - Full Story

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