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Use of Force

Use of Force

The Use of Force topic provides news, information and training on one the most commonly discussed areas in law enforcement training programs. Shooting skills and defensive tactics are critical to keeping officers alive out of harm's way. We cover all subjects—nothing is taboo in this discussion.
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SHOT Show 2011

SHOT Show 2011

PoliceOne brings you the newest products and the latest developments from the tradeshow floor in Las Vegas. Check back regularly to learn about the hottest new stuff in policing.

- Full Story


Key considerations for good use-of-force policies Terrence P. Dwyer, Esq. - Police Liability and Litigation

Key considerations for good use-of-force policies

The potential liability in any use-of-force situation begins prior to an incident - Full Story


Judgmental Use of Force Simulators for Law Enforcement

VirTra offers a full line of the very best judgmental-use-of-force training simulators along with full marksmanship capability. VirTra is the industry leader, from highly portable single-screen simulators all the way up to the world's most challenging and advanced use-of-force simulator in the world -- the VirTra 300 LE. Our customers enjoy the only upgrade path in the market, they can upgrade from 1 screen to 3 screens or even upgrade to 5 screens (300 degrees) as their future budgets permit. In the top-of-the-line 300-degree wraparound simulator, police can train for the most difficult real-world situations, such as ambushes and maintaining situational awareness during extreme stress. The complete use-of-force continuum is available for simulator use.


Defeating the 'Tactical Error Defense' Sgt. Steve "Pappy" Papenfuhs - Training to Think

Defeating the 'Tactical Error Defense'

The 'tactical error defense' in the case of a California couple's assault on a police officer sheds light on the importance of thoroughly documenting an officer's use of force - Full Story


2010 sees fewest fatal police shootings for NYPD

NYPD officers are firing fewer times and the number of people killed by police bullets each year has hovered around a dozen during the past decade - Full Story


Video: St. Louis PD investigates filmed 'beating'

A YouTube video surfaced showing a city officer hitting a man with his nightstick - Full Story


Victim's brother accuses NJ police of excessive force in fatal shooting

"We expected them to subdue him and take him to the hospital," the brother said after the shooting Tuesday - Full Story


Pa. man who shot cop on New Year's was sought in another shooting

Also shot a security guard in the back of the neck at a gas station and then robbed the victim while he lay bleeding - Full Story


Video: KC man claims traffic-stop brutality

The Kansas City Police Department says the officer did exactly what he is trained to do to take control of the situation - Full Story

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