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Use of Force

Use of Force

The Use of Force topic provides news, information and training on one the most commonly discussed areas in law enforcement training programs. Shooting skills and defensive tactics are critical to keeping officers alive out of harm's way. We cover all subjects—nothing is taboo in this discussion.
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Video: Gunman fires on school board, kills self

Tuesday's date was circled on a calendar found in the trailer where 56-year-old Clay Duke lived - Full Story


10 pre-attack behavior cues Charles Remsberg - 10-8: Life on the Line

10 pre-attack behavior cues

Trainer Marcus Young teaches officer safety courses offered free throughout the U.S. by the FBI’s LEOKA (Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted) section - Full Story


Shooting of Calif. man holding water nozzle angers family

Shooting of Calif. man holding water nozzle angers family

The man pointed it at one of the officers and two officers fired their weapons, a handgun and a shotgun, eight times - Full Story


Dennis Tueler: Shoot/Don't Shoot: Decision-Based Training

Dave Smith sits down with top law enforcement instructor, Dennis Tueller, to discuss the topic of firearms training. Dennis explains what he is and is not impressed with regarding current firearms training techniques.


Va. cops shoot, kill hammer-wielding woman

As she she tried to escape, the 22-year-old nursing student had dragged one officer into the street with her car - Full Story


Ex-RI officer given year in prison for beating

Pleaded guilty for beating up the boy inside a stairwell at the Woonsocket Police Department in 2009 - Full Story


Training to deal with suspects with disabilities Ed Flosi - Taking Training to the Next Level

Training to deal with suspects with disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 stipulates that cops must make "reasonable accommodations" to the known physical limitations of a suspect - Full Story


'Mind traps' that can trick you (and those who judge your actions) Force Science Institute - Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts

'Mind traps' that can trick you (and those who judge your actions)

The jury didn’t believe the Boston cop. During a foot pursuit by multiple officers of multiple su... - Full Story


Cops in Ohio TASER DUI suspect

Police in Ohio use a TASER on a woman they arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. In this surveillance video, you see her tumble to the floor and hit her head on a chair.
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