Video: Drunk driver didn't know car was burning

Mich. police rescued a sleeping driver inside a car enveloped in flames

By PoliceOne Staff

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Dash cam shows an officer pull an alleged drunk driver from a car the suspect didn't know was burning.

Officer Eric Hornbacher noticed smoke coming from a parked car Thursday and pulled up to investigate, according to WWMT. Hornbacher found Alan Blake asleep in in the driver's seat with his foot on the gas — causing the engine to overheat — and pulled him to safety moments before the vehicle went up in flames.

Blake was caught driving under the influence one time prior to the incident, which took Officer Hornbacher by surprise.

"Yeah I was shocked. He had no clue that his car was on fire and that he was sitting in a car full of smoke. If I had to drag him out and he was unconscious then I would understand that, but the fact that he was conscious and talking to me made it a bit surreal,” Officer Hornbacher said.

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