Video: Man waiting with gun shoots cop

Two of the bullets were stopped by the officer's body armor, but a third slipped beneath his vest

By PoliceOne Staff

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Newly released video shows an officer get shot at point-blank range during a traffic stop in April.

In the video, Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner approaches a black Cadillac with expired tags. After questioning the driver, he walks around to speak to the passenger, who is waiting with a silver revolver. The weapon points out the window and fires into the officer.

Wagoner falls back onto the sidewalk, where he then rose to his knees and fired seven times at the Cadillac, the News-Press reported.  Yousel Rivera, the passenger, jumped on top of the driver — reportedly his girlfriend — and sped off, according to court records.

"Shots fired. I'm hit," Wagoner radios to dispatch. Off-screen, he is heard describing the vehicle and suspect while groaning in pain.

Two of the bullets were stopped by his body armor, but a third slipped beneath his vest and tore his abdomen. Shortly after, police arrive to transport Wagoner to the hospital for surgery.

Rivera was found hiding naked in a trash can following a lengthy search involving a helicopter and K-9s. The 21-year-old was charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, but jury selection has not yet begun.

Wagoner has since recovered and returned to duty.

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