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Vehicle Incidents and Issues

Vehicle Incidents and Issues

The Vehicle Incidents and Issues topic deals with issues related to specialized patrols like motorcycle units as well as vehicular risks and challenges to law enforcement, including vehicle crashes involving police and vehicular assaults against officers. From single-car traffic accidents to high-speed pursuits, most law enforcement injuries and fatalities occur in, or immediately outside of, a police officer’s vehicle.
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March 06, 2015

Woman crashes into squad, makes bomb threat at Miami airport

Bomb-sniffing dogs turned up nothing after the incident Thursday afternoon - Full Story
March 06, 2015

Shots fired at CHP officers; bullet hits patrol car

A two-officer patrol car stopped a vehicle when shots were fired in their direction - Full Story
March 05, 2015
Strange circumstances surround $4.8M gold heist on highway

Strange circumstances surround $4.8M gold heist on highway

Heist was carefully planned and raises questions about who was involved other than the three armed robbers - Full Story
March 03, 2015

NH police issuing tickets for pizza, french fries

Inspired by how well residents have handled a tough winter, police have been giving out gift cards for people using crosswalks and driving properly - Full Story
March 03, 2015

$4.8M in gold bars stolen in armored truck heist on highway

Shortly after dusk along a lonely stretch of Interstate 95, armed robbers hijacked an armored truck, tied up the two guards and disappeared into the night - Full Story
March 02, 2015

Hawaii officer arrested after bicyclist killed

The collision occurred on a notoriously dangerous stretch of the road - Full Story
March 02, 2015

Alaska cop struck by squad during suspect's escape attempt

Anchorage officer suffered broken leg after being struck by another officer's vehicle Saturday while investigating a report of shoplifting - Full Story
March 01, 2015

Off-duty NYPD detective killed in wrong-way crash

46-year-old Paul Duncan was assigned to the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau - Full Story
March 01, 2015

NJ officer hospitalized after struck, dragged by car

Officer was dragged for more than 30 feet Saturday, then thrown into a parked car when the vehicle's driver swerved in a bid to escape - Full Story
February 28, 2015

Autopsy: Teen who attempted to run over Denver police shot 4 times

In a report released Friday, the Denver medical examiner's office said Jessica Hernandez also had marijuana and a small amount of alcohol in her system - Full Story

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