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Vehicle Incidents and Issues

Vehicle Incidents and Issues

The Vehicle Incidents and Issues topic deals with issues related to specialized patrols like motorcycle units as well as vehicular risks and challenges to law enforcement, including vehicle crashes involving police and vehicular assaults against officers. From single-car traffic accidents to high-speed pursuits, most law enforcement injuries and fatalities occur in, or immediately outside of, a police officer’s vehicle.
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Video: Ohio State QB pleads with cops to get out of DUI

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett pleaded guilty to last month's DUI charges and apologized for his behavior - Full Story


NYPD promises crackdown on dangerous driving

More than a dozen New Yorkers have been killed or injured by cars, buses and trucks in the last two weeks - Full Story


Police in NC city halt minor traffic stops after racial disparity concerns

The department is conducting its own analysis after a New York Times article criticized policing in the city - Full Story


Woman tries to run over Ky. police, hides in doghouse

Police say the pursuit led to the car crashing through a gate at a golf course - Full Story


Supreme Court gives police using deadly force in pursuits more immunity

The ruling bolsters previous decisions that give police the benefit of the doubt when they encounter dangerous situations - Full Story


Okla. officer opens fire as vehicle rams into him

The officer was attempting to stop a suspect in a stolen vehicle.


Video: Okla. officer opens fire as vehicle rams into him

Video: Okla. officer opens fire as vehicle rams into him

The department released dramatic body cam footage of an officer opening fire on a car driving straight into him - Full Story


'No routine stops': Cops are trained to expect the unexpected

The goal of police training is to prepare officers for myriad situations - Full Story


Report: Texas troopers misidentify Latino drivers as white

A state law meant to prevent racial profiling requires authorities to document the race of every driver - Full Story

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