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Vehicle Incidents and Issues

Vehicle Incidents and Issues

The Vehicle Incidents and Issues topic deals with issues related to specialized patrols like motorcycle units as well as vehicular risks and challenges to law enforcement, including vehicle crashes involving police and vehicular assaults against officers. From single-car traffic accidents to high-speed pursuits, most law enforcement injuries and fatalities occur in, or immediately outside of, a police officer’s vehicle.
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Police cars' 'In God We Trust' decals draw complaints

Police cars' 'In God We Trust' decals draw complaints

A police department in a Texas Bible Belt community has placed large "In God We Trust" decals on its patrol vehicles, drawing criticism from a watchdog group - Full Story


Alaska woman accused of stealing patrol car holding husband

Woman suspected of stealing a patrol car that held her handcuffed husband was arrested on suspicion of theft and other charges - Full Story


Cop accused of lying about shooting on cruiser faces charges

A part-time police officer is accused of concocting a story about a shootout with a gunman before his cruiser crashed - Full Story


Manhunt for suspect who threw a Pa. cop over guardrail

The officer was assaulted by a driver while investigating a stopped car - Full Story


High-speed pursuits kill thousands of civilians, cops

More than 5K bystanders and passengers have been killed in police car pursuits since 1979 - Full Story


Cops: 'Selfie' led Maine driver to crash into tree

Driver was cited after he ran off the road and into a tree attempting to take a selfie - Full Story


Video: Car thief breaks into dance after LAPD pursuit

When the pursuit ended, the suspect exited the vehicle and began dancing - Full Story


The Up-Beat: Cops breakdance, party-plan, chauffeur

Check out this week's round-up of inspiring stories from around the country - Full Story

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