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Vehicle Incidents and Issues

Vehicle Incidents and Issues

The Vehicle Incidents and Issues topic deals with issues related to specialized patrols like motorcycle units as well as vehicular risks and challenges to law enforcement, including vehicle crashes involving police and vehicular assaults against officers. From single-car traffic accidents to high-speed pursuits, most law enforcement injuries and fatalities occur in, or immediately outside of, a police officer’s vehicle.
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Alleged car thief made food deliveries

Man stole a car used to deliver Chinese food and continued dropping off orders so he could keep the customers' money - Full Story


Md. state trooper struck by stolen car

The trooper suffered non-life-threatening injuries and is being treated at a hospital - Full Story


LA area bank robbery chase ends in televised death

The man died at the scene after televised news reports showed a single bullet trail plowing through the glass from inside an SUV - Full Story


Ohio woman sentenced to cook Thanksgiving dinner for police

She also was placed on probation for one year for knocking over a police officer while he was directing traffic - Full Story


P1 Photo of the Week: Traffic Safety PoliceOne Members - Photo of the Week

P1 Photo of the Week: Traffic Safety

(PoliceOne Image) This week’s photo comes from Officer Kerri Rivas of the California Highway Pat... - Full Story


Mich. shooting spree suspect arraigned, jailed

Mich. shooting spree suspect arraigned, jailed

The prosecutor believes suspect, a geologist, is responsible for the 2-dozen shootings - Full Story


Video: New PSA tells drivers to look, move, stop

Drivers given advice for when emergency vehicles approach - Full Story


Calif. deputy's cruiser hits, kills pedestrian

A man stepped out of the crosswalk in front of the patrol car before being hit - Full Story

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