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Boise Police conduct high speed car testing on closed track

"Boise, Aug. 1, 2012 - Boise Police officers took a test drive today. Not looking for a new car, but looking for the best version of what the department already has. With about 400 employees, Boise Police log some 1.6 million miles a year, with almost all of those miles on the stop and go of city streets." (youtube.com/BoisePolice)


Using Vehicles for Cover Secure - Login Required

Betsy Brantner-Smith talks with Senior Sig Sauer Academy Instructor J.C. Corbett about how (and how not to) use your vehicle for cover during a potential firefight, including some common pitfalls.
Using Vehicles for Cover


Bullets on Vehicles Training Secure - Login Required

Betsy Brantner Smith visits the Sig Sauer Academy to watch a training session detailing how to successfully shoot bullets into vehicles, debunking myths like tires that pop instantly on first hit.
Bullets on Vehicles Training


Reality Training: Franconia Officer Killed in a Traffic Stop Secure - Login Required

In 2007, Corporal Bruce McKay of the Franconia, New Hampshire Police Department was killed during a motor vehicle stop. Dave Smith examines the history between the suspect and the officer.
Reality Training: Franconia Officer Killed in a Traffic Stop


Drug Interdiction in a Metro Area Secure - Login Required

In this segment, Lt. Andrew Hawkes reviews pre-stop indicators, being prepared to drive aggressively and the benefits of having multi-interdiction teams.
Drug Interdiction in a Metro Area


Driving Force at IACP 2011

A three-screen driving simulator provides training experience for new or experienced officers in a variety of scenarios.


Maintaining your Fleet

Rick Hilmer and Doug Wyllie talk about maintaining vehicles in tough economic times. Departments facing cuts can implement a few cost-saving ideas.


Coban at IACP 2011

Dave Smith talks to reps from Coban, known for its in-car digital video systems, about the newest technology for mobile data computing.


DUI Testing and Safety Secure - Login Required

In this video, Dave Smith talks with Kyle Clark about the dangers associated with getting up close and personal during DUI testing and the importance of awareness.
DUI Testing and Safety


Lt. David Baucom: Maintaining your Fleet

Lt. David Baucom talks to Doug Wylie and shares some valuable advice on how to maintain your fleet.