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September 18, 2014

Apple will no longer unlock iPhones for police

Apple said Wednesday night that it is making it impossible for the company to turn over data from most iPhones or iPads to police — even when they have a search warrant.
May 15, 2014

Cop wrestles pill out of suspect's mouth in holding room

Incident took place in a prisoner-holding room in an Ohio domestic relations court.
November 22, 2011

Dynamic Search Warrants - Tactical Tips Secure - Login Required

Ray DeCunto offers 4 tips for dynamic search warrants. Number 1: Don't pass one threat to get to another.
September 27, 2011

Dynamics Search Warrants - Quick Tips Secure - Login Required

In this video, Ray DeCunto offers 5 quick tips to keep in mind when executing a dynamic search warrant. He covers equipment use, communication, team work, and the importance of remaining flexible.
September 13, 2011

Dynamic Search Warrants - The Approach Secure - Login Required

In this video, Ray DeCunto discusses four key points to keep in mind when executing the approach stage of a dynamic search warrant, with an emphasis on always being cognizant of your surroundings.
August 30, 2011

Search Warrants - The Breakout Team Secure - Login Required

When serving a dynamic search warrant, every team plays an important role in safe, successful execution. In this video, Ray DeCunto clarifies the role the breakout team plays in containment.
August 16, 2011

Ray DeCunto: Dynamic Search Warrants - The Execution Phase Secure - Login Required

In this video, Calibre Press Instructor Ray DeCunto discusses the execution phase when serving dynamic search warrants. From the van driver's responsibilities to loading and unloading the van, every aspect is crucial for a successful outcome.
August 02, 2011

Ray DeCunto: Dynamic Search Warrants: Rehearsals Secure - Login Required

Calibre Press Instructor, Ray DeCunto, offers valuable tips on how to do rehearsals prior to serving dynamic search warrants.

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