Video: Ohio cop risks own life to save suicidal teen

The girl was found crying on a dangerously narrow ledge over a highway

By PoliceOne Staff

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio —An officer put her own life on the line when she realized the only way to bring a teen to safety was to join her on a narrow ledge above a highway.

Officer Kim Forkins, an 18-year veteran with Rocky River police, found the girl standing on the ledge after receiving several 911 calls from passersby.  

"She was very despondent," Forkins told "She was standing on the ledge and crying. I tried to talk to her, but she didn't want to talk at all. She wasn't responding to anything I or anyone else was saying to her."

After securing the girl with a rope with a second off-duty officer holding her by the arm, Forkins feared the girl still couldn’t safely be helped off the ledge.  Forkins ventured onto the narrow ledge, risking her own life to save the girl.

"I got the feeling she really didn't want to jump," Forkins said, "but I was very worried she might fall. We didn't want to give up securing her, and that's why I wanted that rope around her and Nate reached over to grab her arm."

The teen and Forkins were taken down using a bucket from a fire truck.

Forkins was honored in Nov. for the Aug. 10 incident by the FBI Citizens Academy of Cleveland, according to the article.

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