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Women Officers

Women Officers

For female forces, the Women Officers topic provides news, articles, and tactical tips to help take the fight to the bad guys. There was a time that a female officer was a rarity among the ranks, but today thousands of women stand on the thin blue line, serving on tactical teams, training other officers, working as detectives, and leading entire departments.

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Former cop's homeless son praised for helping officer under attack

The man intervened when he saw an officer being attacked by the woman she was trying to arrest - Full Story


Homeless SF hero thanked for rescuing officer

The man was the only person to intervene when a suspect began beating an officer and tried to steal her gun.


Chicago cop bitten by K-9 during robbery investigation

The officer was bitten while apprehending a robber, who was shot in the arm by police - Full Story


Off-duty police officer attacked while jogging

A Hispanic man approached the officer and tried ripping off her clothes then ran away - Full Story


Elderly woman fatally struck by Minn. cruiser

The 16-year veteran has two other accidents on her record that were considered 'preventable' - Full Story


Fla. officer delivers baby at elementary school

School resource officer Natasha Richardson helped a woman who quickly went into labor in the school's clinic - Full Story


St. Louis officer's quick thinking saves cop in fiery wreck

She used her fire extinguisher to quell the flames, then pulled a truck over to use his as well - Full Story


Fitness is a journey, not a number

Fitness is a journey, not a number

To meet any challenge, find a supportive community and apply your inner force. It’s your journey. You choose it, for good or for bad — you can alter your course if you put your mind to it. - Full Story


How one CSI learned to cope with trauma

How one CSI learned to cope with trauma

Real-life crime scene investigation is very different than what is seen on popular TV shows. Every day has the potential to be your most challenging yet. - Full Story


Breaching the gender wall at the Border Patrol Jodi Butts - Eyes on the Road

Breaching the gender wall at the Border Patrol

To date, only three women have become members of the Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) Team of U.S. Customs and Border Protection — Julie Gallagher is one of them - Full Story

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