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Women Officers

Women Officers

For female forces, the Women Officers topic provides news, articles, and tactical tips to help take the fight to the bad guys. There was a time that a female officer was a rarity among the ranks, but today thousands of women stand on the thin blue line, serving on tactical teams, training other officers, working as detectives, and leading entire departments.

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Video: Fla. woman chokes officer at station after arrest

The woman came up behind the officer, using her cuffs to choke her - Full Story


Ever wonder what happens inside a patrol car?

Rosenberg police show us cops are just like everybody else.


Best Female Cop Character Face-off finals: Jessica Tang vs. Olivia Benson

By PoliceOne Staff The competition for the best female cop character is in its final round. The top competitors,... - Full Story


NY cop attacked with box cutter, suspect killed

Officers were dispatched to an intersection where the man was stopping and screaming at cars - Full Story


Bracket Challenge: Top fictional female cops P1 Community - The Question

Bracket Challenge: Top fictional female cops

Which one deserves the title of Best Female Cop of All Time? - Full Story


5 things line officers want from their commanders Nancy Fatura - Unleashing Your Inner Warrior

5 things line officers want from their commanders

All I can ask any commander is this: “When was the last time you had ‘fun’ at work? When was the last time you heard your battle cry?” - Full Story


8 'Mom-isms' that can make you a better cop Betsy Brantner Smith - Survival Insights

8 'Mom-isms' that can make you a better cop

If you get hurt at work and have to go to the ER, do you really want the trauma nurses gossiping over their morning coffee about your tattered underwear? - Full Story


Female NY cop files suit alleging gender discrimination, retaliation

Sgt. Lisa Costa claims she was passed over for promotions, denied time off and overtime pay, and dealt with lewd comments from male officers - Full Story

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Women Officers Columnists

Women in Command Women in Command
with Laura King
Unleashing Your Inner Warrior Unleashing Your Inner Warrior
with Nancy Fatura