PoliceOne 10th Anniversary - Law Enforcement Then and Now

PoliceOne celebrates our 10-year anniversary of service to the men and women who patrol and protect our streets. Although there have been many changes in policing in the past decade — and even more changes in the way officers are using the Internet — our mission remains the same: to save lives, time, and money by bringing Internet technology to public safety. We hope you enjoy this collection of articles, images, and ideas that have impacted police work in the past decade, and we look forward to the next 10 years of providing you with articles, information, and resources that help officers across the United States protect their communities and stay safe on the streets.
Officers Down: The decade that was 2000 to 2009
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

As we close this year and this decade, we naturally take some time to reflect on the past in an effort to prepare for the future. In the following article, we take a moment to pause and remember the men and women who gave it all in service to their communities. They will never be forgotten. Full column
Yesterday, today, tomorrow: Changes in police careers over the years
By Dr. Larry F. Jetmore, PoliceOne Columnist

PoliceOne asked me to write an article about the differences and similarities between the career paths of people becoming police officers today as opposed to a decade ago. Is a historical perspective of our rich heritage important? Absolutely! Let’s take a look at some of the changes made to policing over the years. Full column
A decade of evolution in police counterterrorism operations
By Fred Burton, PoliceOne Contributor

The way U.S. law enforcement conducts counterterrorism operations has changed significantly in the past decade. After the 9/11 attacks, several policies were put in place that gave state and local authorities more resources. However, many challenges remain in combating the threat of terrorism. Here are some of the changes made to law enforcement's approach to counterterror. Full column
A decade of challenges and changes in communications
By Deputy Chief Eddie Reyes, PoliceOne Contributor

The public safety community still is far behind commercial users in terms of communications functionality. While we have achieved much better interoperability between different disciplines and across jurisdictional boundaries, lack of governance, standards, and training continue to be our biggest gaps. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past decade of challenges and changes made in land mobile radio, mobile data terminals, governance, standards, and training. Full column
The decade's top ten innovations in police technology
By Lindsey J. Bertomen, PoliceOne Columnist

The policing business has seen many changes this past decade, most of them positive. It would be nice to break even but the most recent trend appears to be a rise in assaults, especially random ones, against police officers. Still, the decade of innovations has been good to the industry. Here is the short list, in no particular order, of changes.Full column
Then & Now: The P1 community discusses changes in policing
By PoliceOne Members

We asked PoliceOne members to tell us how they think law enforcement has changed in the past 10 years. Here's what you said. Full column

PoliceOne has covered a wide variety of stories in the past decade, but here are 10 that we found to be of particular significance.

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