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Editorial: A recipe for 'police brutality'

Jefferson Memorial incident designed to provoke cops

By Robert VerBruggen
National Review Online

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The arrest of five dancers at the Jefferson Memorial last week has stoked outrage from across the political spectrum. A lot of it is justified: The rule against “demonstrations” at federal monuments is at least questionable; the recent decision by a federal court that silently dancing constitutes a “demonstration” is kind of silly; and when one of the protesters refused to be handcuffed despite several warnings, the arresting officer probably could have gained compliance with something short of a body-slam followed by choking.

However, it’s quite obvious from the video that the demonstrators began with the intention of being arrested, and then put on a show for the cameras. From watching this video and several other examples of intentionally provoked “police brutality,” I have come up with what seems to be the modus operandi of activists like the ones involved...

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