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Officers under fire for crowd control video

An amateur video has raised questions of the department's use of force

By PoliceOne Staff

MONTREAL – An amateur video that shows a police intervention is being used to question the officers’ use of force.

Officers encountered an agitated crowd after responding to calls of public drunkenness on Wednesday night, according to CTV Montreal. A bystander's mobile phone video of the incident shows officers attempt to control the crowd.

Witnesses reported that civilians argued with, screamed at, and outnumbered police officers during the confrontation. A police officer appears to push a woman heard on tape calling him an “incompetent (expletive)” – after apparently asking her to move away.

Chief Inspector Patrick Lalonde says that the department is investigating to determine whether the level of force was appropriate, assuring concerned citizens that action will be taken if necessary, but also issuing a reminder.

"We always ask the citizens who are witnesses to police intervention to step away and let police officers do their job," Lalonde said.

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