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Video of attack on Md. cop goes 'viral'

An assailant suddenly tackles a Baltimore cop, springing a suspect who had been prone and placed under arrest

By PoliceOne Staff

BALTIMORE — Two Baltimore (Md.) police officers in the process of taking a suspect into custody were surrounded by angry onlookers when an assailant suddenly tackled one of the cops, springing that suspect but himself becoming the object of the officers’ attention. The entire incident was captured on video, and that video has now gone “viral” on the Internet.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the undated video “ picks up with two officers trying to handcuff a man in the middle of the street” when “suddenly, a man comes from behind the officers and tackles one of them, allowing the man who was being detained to run away. The officers struggle with the attacker, punching and kicking him in an attempt to subdue him.”

The crowd surrounding the officers is shouting as cars pass closely in the street to where the original arrest was being made. Then, a man in a brown coat and hat begins crossing the street in a direct path toward the two arresting officers and a voice — ostensibly the man doing the videotaping — can be heard saying “Oh they going down.”

The second subject then throws a punch and tackles one of the cops. Both officers then engage the second subject as the first one flees on foot. Soon thereafter a third officer arrives and the attacker is taken into custody.

Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton writes that what the video really captures “...is the danger officers face on the job.”

Check out the video and sound off below.

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