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Video: Occupy protester in PJs won't comply, gets tasered

Police successfully handcuff the man after an officer uses her TASER

By PoliceOne Staff

WASHINGTON — Police officers enforcing a ban on camping gear in an Occupy DC site used a TASER on a subject in order to place him in custody.

In a video posted to RT.com, a man wearing pajamas tells officers approaching him in Washington’s McPherson Square to "Get away from me. I have done nothing wrong," repeating the phrase as struggles against police.

Police successfully handcuff the man after an officer uses her TASER. According to CNN.com, he allegedly went from tent to tent removing notices from the Park Service, but the crowd of onlookers tries to defend him, shouting as he is led away.

"What is my disorderly conduct?" the man screams. Police then tell the crowd to move back, and the person videotaping tells officers "see you all tomorrow" as they lead the handcuffed subject to their patrol car.

The arrest coincided with the Monday deadline for protesters to remove camping equipment from the park and nearby plaza. Many have removed prohibited gear, but others have moved in and camped to deliberately challenge police.

"I'm going to do the best I can to stay here," Emily Margaret, who has been staying at the camp, said. "If they want to arrest me, they can."

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