Customer Testimonials

Dear PoliceOne:

Every New Years Day, I find myself cursing the beautiful California weather that happens during the televised XXX Bowl Game and Parade. You see, we Californians just don’t want to share the secret that brings more people to our sunshine State. Oddly, I feel the same way right now. has been a great secret and I almost find myself questioning why I’m writing an endorsement letter that will bring in more advertisers! Jokes aside, you guys definitely have a handle on the format and eyeball acquisition tools. Great job!

Every time we run a spot with you we get the leads. We’ve also enjoyed a wonderful feedback rate when we ran a request for personal opinions from your officers. On all counts; a winner.

Congratulations on founding a wonderful communication vehicle! I look forward to continued future benefits as we grow together.

Michael W. McCarey
Vice President – Sales & Marketing
Hatch Corporation


Pam and PoliceOne,

Just a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the results of the links on drawing traffic to our prototype website. During the 8 weeks the links were active on PoliceOne, we were able to draw 320 users to the site. Over 60% of the users entered the site within the first two weeks of each of the two e-mail newsletters being issued. We found the PoliceOne group to be very helpful and responsive to meeting our special request. Your ability to design a package to draw users to our beta-site for evaluation will allow us to develop a web-site solution to better meet the needs of the law enforcement community. It also demonstrated the value of the as a vehicle to help us connect directly with the Law Enforcement community. Should we proceed with a commercial version of this prototype site, we will definitely have to consider the role of in continuing to direct traffic to this site.

Best regards for continued success. I'm sure we'll be talking soon.

John A Dottore
Project Leader
Life Protection

Advanced Fibers Systems

Dear Pam and PoliceOne,

Just a note to tell you we really are happy with the results that we are receiving from our links to During our first several months of participating in PoliceOne's newsletter and category sponsorships we have seen a dramatic increase in the inquiries from law enforcement agencies.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship and hope to increase our participation in PoliceOne's programs. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future potential clients. Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of your organization. We look forward to many years of positive business results for both of our companies.


Stacie Sundberg
US Sales Manager
TASER International, Inc.

Dear PoliceOne:

The fundamentals of marketing and advertising -

Back when "God was a girl", a Law Enforcement department manager would read his trade magazines religiously and file sources of products his department might need. When he boss said - "lets pursue the XXX project....have a plan on my desk", the prepared Manager could assemble a detailed plan within weeks by writing or phoning sources for quotes.

Today's Manager needs instant gratification - and he can put it all together in a few hours with a web site like These guys really did invent the internet when it comes to marketing law enforcement products.

Because TEA headsets are designed for military special forces and police SWAT, TEA needs to rifle our message to a limited and very specific slice of the market. does that.

TEA has been advertising on since it's inception and a day doesn't pass that we don't receive leads from this site - (I know because the prospects tell us.) The nice part is that their leads are serious prospects and not Sunday drivers.

When you call....tell 'em Bill sent you.

Bill Pegler

Television Equipment Associates
PO Box 404 - Brewster, NY 10509
Phone 310 457 7401 - Fax 310 457 0023

US Pins

In February of this year, we opened our online patriotic lapel pin store specializing in unique NYPD memorial designs. In addition our search engine placements, I researched various police web sites looking for marketing opportunities. I came across and made the decision to sponsor the e mail news letter twice a month.

On the days my sponsorship is listed, I receive an additional 1200 hits on our web site for a total of 2500 hits over the next three to four days. From these hits, 15% purchase the police lapel pins. Needless to say, the ad more then paid for itself and then some.

After running the sponsorship for a month, I added a banner ad to the web site and have had great results.

Marketing our police lapel pins though was a profitable decision. The leads are demographic-specific and is a great value based upon the minimal cost.

Kathryn Holway

DigitalPersona engaged PoliceOne to survey the Law Enforcement market and help them better understand the market opportunity for their award winning UareU biometric technology product.

When we started our marketing programs to the Law Enforcement market, we quickly realized that this market segment is very under-represented in terms of data and analysis. There was trully no other site or service that could have helped us with the speed and effectiveness that we encountered at PoliceOne. PoliceOne not only helped us understand our market better, but they did so in a very timely and cost effective way. At DigitalPersona, we are very much looking forward to more joint efforts in serving the Law Enforcement marketplace.

Fabio Righi
Digital Persona

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