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PoliceOne launches hurricane help & information center

PoliceOne has set up a Hurricane Help & Information Center. In addition to current news articles (particularly those with a focus on law enforcement-related information) and links to charities where you may donate financial support, you will find a special Hurricane Helpline Forum. PoliceOne members have asked how they can offer their services as on-site back-up in the emergency zone and how they can offer their homes to the families of the officers working in the crisis area. "I am sure many officers there would like to know that their wives and children are staying with other police officers, active and retired, who have room in their homes while they are working in the worst of situations," wrote one member. The forum is designed to facilitate this communication.

In addition, PoliceOne is compiling a list of officers who are willing to assist in the hurricane crisis area, now and during the future clean-up. The list will soon be presented to the appropriate authorities. You can be added by e-mailing editor@policeone.com.  This list will remain protected.

Words can't describe the feelings we all have after seeing the shocking images of suffering and devastation in the hurricane's wake. The challenges to police officers in these areas seem insurmountable, but as we have seen time and time again, the heart of law enforcement beats stronger than ever in the face of crisis. In the worst, the best shine.

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