Video: The 5 most popular of February

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By PoliceOne Staff

These five videos come from all across the globe: We’ve got vodka-swigging Russians, crowd-clobbering Egyptians, smart-mouthed Canadians, and two Americans who manage to destroy vehicles in very distinct ways.

Check out these videos and more in this month’s Top 5. Share your favorites in the comments section and continue uploading them to BLUtube!

Egyptian police van plows through crowd

With protests and clashes intensifying across Egypt, scenes of violent conflict have continued to show up in news coverage online.


This is why you need a gun

That headline was created by BLUtube user "jimt5367," who calls this man a "model Las Vegas citizen" demonstrating his value to society. Check it out and see if you agree.


Suspect crashes head-on into bus in chase

A driver who was running from police in Austin, Texas died after he lost control of the stolen Jeep and slammed head-on into a metro bus.


Rowdy Russian cops swig vodka

Several drunken shirtless Russian officers dance on top of a patrol car and spank each other while celebrating a colleague's promotion.


A bizarre traffic stop you must see

Words cannot describe this traffic stop, which was filmed by a driver in Ontario, Canada. Kick up your feet and prepare to be amused. Type this same title to the search bar to watch Part 2.


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