Video: NM officer's textbook shooting

"We're thankful our officer was prepared and handled the situation extremely well; it was textbook"

By PoliceOne Staff

PECO, NM — Diego Gonzales kidnapped his pregnant wife and young child last December and drove off in a large black pickup truck.

Officer Bryan Waller, who spotted the pickup going 118 miles per hour on a nearby highway, knew that the man was armed thanks to a warning from family members who contacted police earlier.

After a pursuit, the pickup suddenly pulled over near a off-ramp, at which point Waller gave several commands to turn off the vehicle and surrender.

In seconds, Gonzales leaned out of the truck and fired several rounds directly at Officer Waller.

Waller fired back immediately, striking Gonzales in the chest.

Gonzales then leaned back into the truck and fatally shot himself, according to KRQE. The pregnant mother and young child walked away safely.

Now Officer Gonzales’ dash-cam video will be used as a training tool.

"We're thankful our officer was prepared and handled the situation extremely well," State Police Chief Robert Shilling told KRQE. "It was textbook."

Police later learned that Gonzales was an ex-Marine who was being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Shootout video to be used in training:

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