'America's Most Wanted' back on TV

Viewers were shocked when FOX cancelled the show in May, but it will return to Lifetime Friday

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW YORK — "America's Most Wanted" is returning to TV.

John Walsh's efforts to catch the nation's criminals will be broadcast again following the sudden cancellation in May that left viewers shocked, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The show will premiere Friday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Even though the gritty tone of "America's Most Wanted" departs from the usual fare of its new channel — Lifetime is aimed primarily at women — "it will be basically the same show," Walsh said.

"It will still be tough enough for people sitting in their living rooms to say, 'My God, that happened to a real person, that's not a scripted drama,'" Walsh said, "and then get off their couch and go to their phone if they recognize the fugitive, and do the right thing."

Walsh said because the show profiles people who have hurt women or children, the network believes in its message.

"I don't believe there's ever been a show that combines entertainment with public service in the way this show does, and its mission is something we believe in very deeply," Lifetime executive vice-president of programming, Rob Sharenow, said. "Public safety, keeping our streets safe, keeping our children safe is probably the issue of most importance to our viewers."

"America's Most Wanted" has facilitated the capture of at least 1,100 fugitives — in 30 countries — and the rescue of 61 children and missing persons.

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