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Taft Announces $77.8 Million in 2005 Homeland Security Grants

Funding Will Build on State and Local Efforts to Protect Ohioans from Terrorism

COLUMBUS - Governor Bob Taft today announced the allocation of $77.8 million in 2005 federal homeland security grants that will be used to strengthen Ohio’s ability to prevent, respond to and recover from potential acts of terrorism.

"Our priority is to use these funds to benefit local first responders, law enforcement and ultimately every Ohio citizen," Taft said. "These funds will build on the tremendous progress we have made in meeting the critical needs of each county and protecting our major cities."

The $77.8 million will go to fund six different programs:

State Homeland Security Program
Grant Amount: $32.7 million
Grant Recipients: 88 counties - $29.1million; State share - $3.6 million

Urban Area Security Initiative
Grant Amount: $26.1 million
Grant Recipients: Columbus - $7.6 million; Cleveland - $7.4 million; Cincinnati$ - 5.9 million; Toledo - $5.2 million

Emergency Management Performance Grant
Grant Amount: $5.4 million
Grant Recipients: State, local emergency management agencies

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program
Grant Amount: $11.9 million
Grant Recipients: Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police - $7.1 million; Ohio Attorney General's Office - $2.4 million; Office of Criminal Justice Services - $354,471; Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association - $2 million

Metropolitan Medical Response System
Grant Amount: $1.4 million
Grant Recipients: $227,592 allocated to Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo for mass casualty response capability

Citizen Corps
Grant Amount: $414,727
Grant Recipients: Citizen Corps Councils for volunteer efforts

"These funds will help us advance our mission to attain the highest possible state of prevention, awareness and preparedness in Ohio," said Ken Morckel, Chair of the State of Ohio Security Task Force and Ohio Department of Public Safety Director. "I want to commend all of our homeland security partners for their strong commitment in using these funds effectively, efficiently, and in the best interest of Ohioans to protect us all."

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