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Grant Opportunity Alert: Bullard TacSight™ Thermal Imager for Law Enforcement

The Department of Homeland Defense (DHS) has announced the opening of the application period for the Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP).

This important program is structured to provide technology equipment to state and local agencies and departments. This program transfers equipment directly to smaller jurisdictions and eligible metropolitan areas. There is no cost to your department.

The Bullard TacSight Thermal Imager, and several accessories, are a qualified technology product for this grant program. TACSIGHT is a thermal imager system specifically engineered for law enforcement. TACSIGHT is a small, lightweight, handheld and fully functional thermal imager that allows law enforcement officials to observe and monitor a variety of threats or ongoing incidents, even in complete darkness.

As provided by CEDAP the Bullard TacSight™ Thermal Imager System comes complete with the following:

  • TACSIGHT S1 Thermal Imager - complete with -2- NIMH batteries, standard charger with AC/DC adapters, strap system, and hard case.
  • TACSWITCH - 3-position Dimmer Display Switch. Controls operator visibility from display backlight exposure.
  • Multiple Channel Wireless Video Transmitter - built into a convenient, easy to attach handle.
  • MOBILELINK handheld wireless video receiver - Small, lightweight, handheld multiple channel remote receiver with display dimming and scene recording capabilities.
  • TACSCOPE - attachable / detachable monocular eyepiece for complete covert surveillance and tactical operations.
  • TACPORT utility block for fixed position surveillance.
  • RCN17 - alkaline backup battery case. Uses 8 AA alkaline batteries as a backup power supply.
  • T3RETRACT - designed to keep TacSight S1 out of the way for "hands free" requirements.

For more information about the Bullard TacSight, contact Bullard at 1-877-Bullard (285-5273) or visit www.bullard.com.

It is very important that your department files an application for the CEDAP program during the allotted application period. The open application period is expected to begin during November 2005 and end in January 2006.

Applications may be filed on line. You can access the application on the Responder Knowledge base web site at www1.rkb.org. Additional information concerning the CEDAP program may be found on the following web site. www.ojp.usdoj.gov/odp/equipment_cedap.htm

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