Criminal Justice Advisory Board Initiatives 2011 funding opportunity in Pa.

Emphasis should be on improvements to county-wide resources

PCCD expects to fund seven to nine 12-month grants with budgets not to exceed $200,000. Successful applicants are required to contribute 25 percent of the total budget for the first 12 months of funding.

If an applicant is successful in obtaining continuation funding for a second 12-month period, the match requirement is 50 percent of the total budget, and 75 percent for a third year of continuation funding.

Please note that continuation funding will be dependent upon a clear and substantiated showing of need and justification.

Pennsylvania Law Enforcement agencies should work with their county's CJAB.

Emphasis should be on improvements to county-wide resources such as: implementation or enhancement of Central Booking Centers, resources for special task force or tactical team operations, CAD/RMS, technology for electronic filing and transfer of police reports to other criminal justice partners.

The County CJAB will be eligible to apply for the grant listed below. Request for assistance should go to the department's CJAB representative (such as the District Attorney, Chief County Detective, Rep. of Police Chief's Assoc. and/or City Police Department) to submit to the Board for funding consideration.

Program Goals and Objectives
The goal of the CJAB Initiatives 2011 program is to provide funding to support CJABs in seeking to develop and implement strategies that will result in, but are not limited to, the following efforts:

  • The successful re-entry/re-integration of offenders to the community;
  • The successful diversion of eligible offenders from incarceration;
  • Reduction of prison/jail populations;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Public safety initiatives;
  • Improved efficiencies and effectiveness of the criminal justice system; and
  • Strategic planning.

More grant and application information is avilable here:

About the author

Samantha Dorm is a Senior Grant Writer and Consultant with PoliceGrantsHelp. In her current role with a county on the East Coast, she coordinates countywide grant-related projects, and serves as an advisor to various boards and committees. Samantha has also worked with criminal justice agencies through the Weed & Seed Program, and was instrumental in the creation of a county-level Criminal Justice Advisory Board.

Sam has provided guidance to various law enforcement and non-profit agencies throughout the United States to enable them to obtain alternative funding and she also provides instruction on statistical compilation, analysis, and program development. Passionate about law enforcement, Samantha works with state and federal legislators to acquire funding for gang prevention/suppression efforts, equipment and training funds for tactical teams, and provides technical assistance for the development and implementation of new technologies designed to enhance officer safety.

Contact Sam Dorm for Grant Assistance.

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