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Grant Alert: More than $32 mil. in equipment available to first responders through CEDAP

Editor's note:

An opportunity for agencies--particularly those which are small or in rural areas--to potentially secure funding for critical counter-terrorism and crime-fighting equipment is now being offered through the CEDAP grant program. PoliceOne urges all our members to promptly consider the following so your agencies can pursue an award in a timely fashion.

Washington--The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now seeking applications for the fiscal year 2006 Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). The application period will close on September 22, 2006. The 2006 program is slated to give out more that $32 million in equipment to first responders in selected rural and smaller communities who are typically not eligible for funding through the Department's Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grant program.

CEDAP helps meet the needs of smaller jurisdictions that would otherwise find it difficult to purchase or acquire critical equipment by providing communications interoperability, information sharing, chemical detection, sensors, personal protective equipment, technology, and training in using the equipment, devices, and technology.

"The threat of terrorism or other hazards extends beyond major metropolitan areas, Under Secretary for Preparedness George Foresman said in a Department of Homeland Security release. "Emergency response agencies in smaller communities must also be prepared to respond to all threats that may impact their citizens. CEDAP supports local partners in smaller jurisdictions with essential equipment and training that they might not otherwise afford."

Eligible applicants include law enforcement agencies, fire and other emergency responders who demonstrate in their application that the equipment will be used to improve their ability and capacity to respond to a major critical incident or improve their ability to work with other first responders.

For a detailed equipment catalog and application information, please visit the Responder Knowledge Database (RKB) or contact the Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk at (800) 368-6498 or askcsid@dhs.gov.

Additional information concerning the CEDAP program may be found on the Dept. of Homeland Security Web site

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