Cisco Solutions at IACP 2008

Cisco Solutions: Innovation Transforming Public Safety

Cisco was a platinum sponsor and exhibitor at this year’s IACP, showcasing new collaboration technology that helps agencies like yours meet mission requirements and change the paradigm in public safety. Watch leading public safety professionals Sheriff Lee Baca and Connie Rice emphasize the importance of innovative technology to crime prevention, learn how Cisco’s IP-based technologies improve Networked Emergency Response and stay informed on the latest Cisco Solution demonstrations. Be sure to check out the full Photo Gallery of the Cisco Booth here!

Program Title
"Changing The Paradigm – Gang Violence in Los Angeles County" A Blueprint for Centralized, Collaborative Gang Suppression, Intervention, & Prevention

Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office Connie Rice, Co-Director, The Advancement Project Moderator: Morgan Wright, Cisco Systems

Cisco advanced technologies have had a positive effect on the management and operations of public safety services in communities like yours and the lessons learned for future preparedness. Leading public safety professionals explained why effective crime prevention and public safety will increasingly become linked to innovative technology, collaboration, and community investment-in short, the human network.

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To show the real power of innovation transforming public safety, Cisco delivered a live theater presentation every 30 minutes that took the audience on a journey through an 8-minute scenario based on actual events. As a gang drive-by shooting takes place, audience members can see events unfold and how technology can help improve the response, and increase the speed and precision of the decision making process.  

Solutions shown included Command, Control and Collaboration; Automated License Plate Recognition; Emergency Communications and Collaboration; Tactical and Command Vehicle Communications; CAD Sensor and Video Integration; In-Car Video; Video Surveillance and Analytics; Incident Command And Response – NIMS; Comprehensive Voice Interoperability; Gunshot Location And Detection with Video; Mobile Computing and Rugged Handhelds, and; Alerting and Notification.

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Cisco demonstrated solutions in each of the following areas: headquarters, operations, and emergency communications; incident command and response; field operations and patrol; and the Cisco open platforms for safety and security. We hope you walked away with an understanding of why an open platform for safety and security, based on Cisco’s IP networking technologies, can help public safety achieve speed and precision in its operations.

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Morgan Wright speaks with Dave Smith from PoliceOneTV about Cisco’s presence at the 2008 IACP conference and how Cisco technology is providing solutions for departments across the country.
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