Video: Police K-9 'chooses sides' in Brazilian soccer fracas

By PoliceOne Staff

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Tensions ran high this weekend during a heated argument over whether or not a soccer goal was to be counted or disallowed in the match between Caxias and Novo Hamburgo.  During the dispute, a military police K-9 appears to have sided with Novo Hamburgo. 

The German Shepard named Nitro is seen in the below video jumping up and biting Caxias striker Vanderlei on the back of the leg.
“The dog was on a leash but the policeman called in to try to help the referees got too close and the dog attacked,” said an Associated Press report posted to, “catching the player’s left leg and part of his shorts.” 

“After he passed what may have been a sideline rabies test,” said a report on Vanderlei got back to his feet and the game resumed. The disputed goal stood as the winner, as Novo Hamburgo won 1-0.

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