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"Indestructible" K-9 who changed legislation dies

He survived beatings, stabbings, and paved the way for harsher punishments for criminals who injure police K-9s in the future

By PoliceOne Staff

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — The Minnesota K-9 who survived multiple beatings and a stabbing that changed the abuse of a police K-9 to a felony was euthanized Tuesday.

Major, 11, was the best police dog a handler could ask for, according to Roseville officer John Jorgensen. He had persevered through an often-fatal condition that caused his stomach to fill with gas, had pots broken over his head, was kicked and stabbed, and had almost drowned chasing a suspect into a lake, according to Pioneer Press.

In 2010, Major was paralyzed in his hind legs after he was repeatedly stabbed by a burglar. He was forced to retire, but the incident led to Gov. Mark Dayton signing into legislation a harsher penalty for those who assault a K-9 causing substantial bodily harm.

Using a wheeled sling to preserve mobility, he lived out his retirement with Jorgensen and his family, according to the article.

Jorgenson was forced to put Major down after his health further deteriorated.

"I promised myself and I promised him that we would make that decision if his quality of life deteriorated to the point where he was too weak and he didn't have the same happiness. It was just time."

On his last day, Jorgenson took Major around to all their old patrol spots, fed him a cheeseburger and icecream for his last meal. 

"I miss him terribly, but I think he is in a better spot. He is probably chasing down bad guys on four good legs now," Jorgenson said.

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