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To whom it may concern,

As you will note one of your representatives, an Andrea Hinz called my office, and of all people the officer who was able to varify my identity, it was none other then myself! I had just stepped into office for my shift when Ms. Hinz called to varify my status! So if that isn't proof of the integrity of your site I don't know what is! Again thank you for allowing me to join the membership of your site!


Officer George Gong #8226
San Francisco Sheriff's Department-Institutional Police Unit

I have been a member of the PoliceOne family for several years now, and I would like to make the following observations. Their top notch reporting of news and information to the law enforcement field and first responders has been extremely beneficial to myself, as well as other officers within my department that I have shared it with. PoliceOne has continually used the technological resources available to them to increase information available to the front line officer in an efficient and timely manner.

Michael D. Check
San Antonio Park Ranger

To whom it may concern,

As a web site, PoliceOne has continued to develop, presenting vital information to the Public and Law Enforcement community. The public and secure discussion forums as well as the chat room are monitored and presented in a continually evolving, professional manner


Mark Doty
Middletown, NY Police is a superb vehicle for Law Enforcement Officers at Local, State and Federal levels to share and co-ordinate information important and vital to our missions. The Terrorist Alerts by secure e-mail are invaluable because of their timeliness. You have my full endorsement.

Stephen J. Jacobs, Senior Officer
U.S. Postal Police, So. Cal. Division
U.S. Postal Inspection Service

I thought I would let you know that I really enjoy receiveing your newsletters. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Please keep it up. Stay safe.

P.C. Chris Hunter
Hamilton Police, Division 2 Uniform Patrol

PoliceOne's dedication and commitment to the law enforcement and public safety community is unmatched. They are an absolutely outstanding source for education, training and a wide array of useful information for all first responder emergency personnel.

Sgt Raymond B Groat
Vice President
MS Gulf Coast FOP Lodge #3
VA Police and Security Service
Biloxi, MS

PoliceOne has been more helpful and has provided more knowledge to small, medium and large police depts in a time of need than any other entity. The information is accurate, precise and contains facts. For law enforcement it is 'education' as well as information sharing. I have gained knowledge and being a line officer doing the work I need this. Law enforcement needs this, support the support, watch PoliceOne grow and it will provide resources to front line officers not someone sitting in an office who will read it, then delete it, without 'passing the knowledge on'.

Bruce Stark
Danville PD
Danville, IL

Dear Team Of,

I've been with you pretty much from the beginning of your great site. I just want to tell you that you've just turned into the Greatest Site in the Entire Law Enforcement Community. Thanks for being there!

Deputy Vince LaCavera
Mahoning County Sheriff Dept., Youngstown, OH


I have been a member of for a couple of years and I have come to rely on the information disseminated by this organization

Officer Sherman C. Graves
Arnold Police Department
Arnold MO is the most secure and all around best Web site that I’ve ever seen for law enforcement. My colleagues and I use it on a regular basis to obtain a variety of information that makes our jobs easier and our streets safer.

Tim McCarthy
Orland Park, Ill.

I enjoy the site thoroughly and it has become my morning first stop for the latest news on items that are important to the Law Enforcement community.

Bruce J. Schryver, Ph.D.,
Chief Safety Officer
Municipal Law Enforcement Services
San Diego, Calif.

I check the news every day and print out reports to help us guide our training and justify equipment needs. We realize that events that occur in other jurisdictions can easily happen and we need to be prepared.

Sgt. Michael Hervey
Charlie Service Area Investigations/SWAT
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

I am very pleased with your service. Every day I bring up the news on your site that I find to be very good coverage. I’ve used several of your news briefs in training our officers.

Lieutenant Randy Watt
Ogden/Metro S.W.A.T.
Ogden Police Department
Ogden, Utah

I have been impressed by your site so far, and I pull it up daily to read the news and other interesting items.

Officer Ken Ragland
Alabama Police Department

I have been receiving your daily information messages and really enjoy the information contained in them! The article archives are informative, and I have downloaded several of them for reference. Keep up the good work.

Sgt. Lee A. Steitz
Oceanside Police Department

I wanted to take a moment and say to you that this is a wonderful site. Easy to use and a powerful tool for us. I will spread the word to any fellow officer with access to come and check this place out.

M. Brumley
Biloxi, P.D.

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