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Book review: Combat Focus Shooting

A review of the book Combat Focus Shooting
By Ralph Mroz

Most of you have probably seen the ads for the Valhalla Training Center over the last couple years. Valhalla features a fully realistic mock up of real fighting environments: structures with rooms, furniture, 360-degree shooting, 3-D targets, sound and light effects, and so on.

  It has acquired a reputation as a cutting-edge close-quarter environments fighting school, where firearms skills are integrated with other close-quarter skills. A good many people from civilian, law enforcement, and military walks of life have been through the facility, and the doctrine developed as a result would seem to be well worth understanding.

And indeed it is.

Combat Focus Shooting is the title of the new book by Valhalla Operations Director, Rob Pincus. He wrote the book to codify the material he developed, and then refined, as a result of the student experience at Valhalla. The focus of the book is on close-distance (essentially room-distance) shooting, where almost all of the encounters we have occur. 

At this distance Mr. Pincus is not concerned with making you the best shooter you can be, but rather the most efficient shooter. That is, he doesn't want you to shoot the smallest group you can, but rather to place as many shots as possible as fast as possible into a combat-appropriate size group. 

In other words, he shows you how to shoot with you in control of your shot spread (AKA "accuracy"), by controlling your speed of shooting. Naturally, at these distances, threat-focus is most often called for (but not always.)

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